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027%20%20%20Monkey%20on%20a%20bench,Calcutta,%20c.1978Koushik Banerjea

For longer than he cares to remember, Ko has been holding the line for abstract theory in a world which has become empirically obsessed.  He’ll tell you it’s a buffer zone, a way of keeping sane through the creeping banality of Cowell, Cameron and the rest.

As a former youthworker based in south London, he takes some solace in the fact that nobody rioted for ‘laces’ or ‘flatscreens’ on his watch, and then insisted that ‘the feds’ were after them, and in these days of increasing downloads, he finds ever greater comfort in the tangible pleasures of vinyl.

Southern Discomfort is part labour of love, part necessity – he’d go mad otherwise.  But he’s adamant it’s also a way for a shy soul to start a conversation with whoever’s out there.  No, really.  And while he’s waiting for you to respond, he’s busy with a debut novel.  All he’ll say is that it’s a political thriller, if politics is the art of dreaming with your eyes open, and a thriller is finding a mint vinyl copy of Fabian’s ‘Prophecy’ in a bargain basement without getting rousted by dreads first.

East Van DiscoAsh Sharma

Ash still believes in another world in this world. Mostly trying to piece together the disparate fragments of his life, he speculates on abstract ideas and the banalities of pop culture. He co-edits darkmatter journal ( and has been teaching at the University of East London for a long time.

Jo McFarlane snowLeopard_1947419c

Jo is a writer and poet from Edinburgh who performs at a variety of Mental Health, NHS, Community and Voluntary sector events across Scotland, aimed at both service users and healthcare professionals.  She is a Community Education graduate, member of the Patients Council, and is a longstanding champion of rights for all those with Mental Health issues.  In her own words, she tries to change the world a little by showing that it is possible to be ‘strong at the broken places’.

Jo’s autobiography, Skydiving for Beginners, has now been published. As you would expect from Jo, it is an articulate, heartfelt and humorous account of some of her most formative experiences (triumphs as well as trials). It is available to purchase for seven pounds sterling through the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance. Email:

Jo’s website (currently under renovation):

Terry Hall and Lynval Golding of The Specials. 1981Nick Bendall

As for a description of me online, I think south London c**t is the best one but I can’t really think of anything other than “he’s planning a Brinks-Matt on the Deptford Ladbrokes branch.”

Hana Riazrip_amy_winehouse_by_trixgirl209-d42axhs

Hana has completed her Masters in Race, Ethnicity and Postcolonial Studies at the London School of Economics. She is a queer politically black south asian muslim woman and feminist, a writer, blogger and believer in the transformatory power of love. Being human, however, is what this whole journey is about. She is a curator for The Body Narratives.

Writer & Editor| Website Twitter| The Body Narratives


The tsunami under still waters

clashcitymocchasIan Dury

Likes: his kids; the bard of Billericay; life’s simple pleasures – wine, women and song, though not so much of the song these days.  Or, come to think of it, the w_____ either.

Dislikes: bullshit (personal or political); a lack of couth; and of late, the weather.


Is a born, bred and proud east Londoner from the part that no one still quite cares about (at least until the London Olympics happened or might that still be too ambitious?). She holds a degree and masters from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and refuses to believe that the London School of Economics and Kings College (despite the league tables) have a patch on it. Then again she is a West Ham fan, so make of that what you will. She has worked in areas of social justice and international development including stints at the: Commission for Racial Equality (formerly), and for the United Nations in Geneva, and has served on the Board of Directors for the SHARAN Project – a UK charity against forced marriage and discrimination against women of south Asian origin. She has an intense dislike for the poisonous brand of skin fascism that is rife in sections of the Indian community (home and abroad), and in general feels that difference is something we all need to live with so let’s get on with it. She is currently writing her sporadic ‘dispatches from the frontline’ in New Delhi, India and hopes to share a few perspectives (right or wrong) outside the West.

untitled (13)Partha Banerjea

Dr Partha Banerjea : Biography: mid tempo soul to northern, strings of disco to syncopated dance moves, hands in the air transformation to deep spacey modal jazz, the stuff that needs to be taken down a rabbit hole; Lagos shuffle to afrocuban can’t move my feet fast enough, JA baselines that move your heart, happiness from Chicago/ Detroit/New York for a boy that just missed out; free spinning jungle madness under the arches, lovers to arch to; lost my soul on the dance floors of London and New York as the solitary don’t bother me now John, I’m dancing.

Clean, uncluttered, modernist design, sharp suits with a nod to the rudies, a nod to 1950’s Italian sartorialists.

Dress up sunshine cos the world wants to put you down.

Between the vinyl, art, design, tailors and shameless acts, works as a Consultant Adolescent Psychiatrist, visiting lecturer at numerous academic institutions, Lead Clinician, Theatre impresario, Departmental Head and one time lion tamer/ keeper of secrets. [Delete some or all as necessary]mqdefault


wo 2





Kashif Sharma-Patel (kshgr)

Person without a future who once presided at the post-brutalist (no)futurist semio-metropole of Croydon before the colonial regenerative efforts of Westfields and the long-feared coming of rice milk to this maligned abstraction of a space. Post-Croydon they’re trying to avoid career trajectories, heterofuturist reproduction and all, leading to their ‘college drop-out’ chic. Now they’re finally committed to their present-indefinite intermission in the enclaves of Fortress Europe and beyond to waste amidst the continent’s up-and-coming detritus playing with the varying forms of plasticity with their together-person. Follow on-going failed frivolities on twitter @kshgr_fashanu or on tumblr


Automnia writes about memory, coloniality, rebellion and black studies. You can find more of his work at, and contact him on


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