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I have joined a dating site….the big one, and have found it a daunting activity. But I think it’s worth it and, if the profiles are anything to go by, then there truly are some quite amazing people out there – let me give you a few ‘types’ who keep cropping up so you can see what I mean :-

1. I am an honest woman who believes strongly in justice and adheres to a lifelong ethical code.  If you do not adhere to it I will feel entirely justified in removing your male member and you will have only yourself to blame.

2. Love me love my dogs/cats/iguanas.  They (and there is never just one) are in every picture.  They are called “my babies” and they sleep in the bed.  You just know you will come second (or third, or fourth) in any relationship.

3. I run, go to the gym every day, have climbed Everest on three occasions, do base jumping and won’t settle for anything less than a six pack.  There are so many of these.  This town is just so full of fit, single adrenalin junkies it’s….scary wonderful.

4. I have changed my name to Aurora and I am an earth goddess.  I flow through the world and hurt doesn’t touch me.  I bring love to all.

5. You can take me as you bl**dy well find me.  I want you to respond but am not interested in what you do.

6. No profile photo mystery women…and of course the ‘mystery’ is preserved by there never being any updates!!

7. Hello I am after a ‘solvent’ professional man who is earning…..click the highest numbers for the person they wish to meet.  But only because I enjoy the finer things in life and believe in good, old-fashioned romance.

8. And then there are the ones who have selected possibly the worst portraits ever taken of a human being, or at least of a single woman not in some kind of a detention facility.  They sit there and glower at you, daring you to click on the “wink” button.

9. The mystery anonymous ones who pop up late at night; who are very glamorous and want a man between 21 and 120.  And are all eastern European.  Either the nights there are always cold or the profiles of these poor, lonely souls are exclusively managed by the Russian mafia (both of which may well be true.)

10. And then there is all the rest…….who are great women and make being on the site more than a reasonable hope.

A female friend views the site from the other side.  She says that many of the male profile pictures have men leaning against a Harley and nearly all claim to have a six pack.  I do not have a motor cycle but probably should mention that I do have a twelve pack, am hung and exceptionally rich.

I think I may join the rest of you down the pub!!