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Ticket Inspector Poem


“Tickets at the ready”

says the man in

the badge peaked cap.

If you’ve sneaked on without paying your fare,

it’s time to get in a flap!


The Relevant Authorities


An official frae the council

Telt me tae lower ma voice,

“or I’ll report you to the relevant authorities” said she.

No sae lang efterwards two bug-eyed polis

Read me ma rights at the station.

The sheriff that sentenced me next day looked gie young

Tae be haunin’ doon such pronooncements.

‘Breach o the peace’ he cried it,

When all I was daeing wis tryin’ tae tell the lassie

They’d undercharged me ma rent!

Honesty, they’d aye said at school, wis the best policy!

Aye! An ye ken no tae argue wi authority!

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