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St David & St George


Politicians wield the axe

like mythic heroes

at the public sector beast.

Situation: red alert!

Danger to our welfare state

hardly worth a mention

in the face of crippling national debt.


Tell that to the cleaner

waiting for a hip replacement,

the pensioner who can’t afford

to heat his house.


I’m no economist but I do know this:

the axe falls hardest

on the poorest, weakest,

and the heroines and heroes

aren’t the ones who wield it.


pensioner_flickr_user_bcveen  most-greedy-people  Malcom-X-Quote-oppressed-people 


Abject Luxury


Leather sofas from DFS

Designer perfumes that smell like piss

Furry dice and turbo engines

Nights on the bevy too radge to mention.


Holidays in Disney World and Magaluf

It’s no’ that bad tae tell ye the truth,

living in abject luxury.

A life o’welfare’s the life for me!

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