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just do it flying down the
street, broken shards 
scattered, coppers
on the run, choppers
buzzing, screens 
to the ready, fires burning                                 
              red sky at night, beds in
flames, tigers jumping 
breaking news

aged men speak
of times gone, blood and
rivers - white was not
black was
      not white
codes in codes lost
in the post, hoods
looking for easy pickings, generation
wired bbm kfc jjb
i-riot           who
am i,   mirror mirror
look at me riotous
indifference  lol

sociologists puzzled tv
headless youth workers
                     psycho -
geographies, sat navs
           dead zones of ‘post-
industrial pastoral’ – like
bowling alone ikea b&q tgi
zone 5 carparks full, dogging
       bikers on the
edge, lost in overpass
under the fly, road
    to nowhere

so fucking croydon
            so fucking bowie
suburban sound, secret
times, punk rooted 
brutalist dialectics unraveling 
ballard, speculative
histories future noise
2-step to dubstep
beanos lost
in the concrete
jungle, cctv on guard, strike
                a pose
kate moss
on the corners, tiger tiger
roaring sales, brit school dreams
fairfield retromania
st georges walk terrors, peep
show at
home of dead babies

babel towers nla orbiting lunar
house, disappearing queues
forgotten arrivals, monstrous
plans left to rot
       nf bnp edl on the
tram, sounding off going
               viral, domes burn
unveiled threats, disappearing
jobs for the boys
class war, terry and june england
writing on the
poems burn    ok